Bernedoodles aka Bernese doodles is a cute, teddy bear crossbreeds becoming hugely popular adoptable dogs these days.

Although lesser known than their Australian cousins like Labradoodle and Goldendoodle they are getting largely appreciated all over.

Their popularity is attributed to the fact that they are all-rounder wannabees, and u won’t ever regret having them.

These are specifically bred for making the best family companion. These are loyal, calm, sweet in nature, and love to be surrounded by family and people.

Bernedoodles are one of the few breeds of dogs who don’t shed or shed less, hence these prove to be the best choice for allergic patients or those with lung diseases.

Bernedoodle is a hybrid or crossbreed between Bernese mountain dog and poodle and therefore shows both of their peculiarities with some modifications known as hybrid vigor.

This breed has been registered in the international designer canine registry since 2009.

Here are some of its specialties you would like to know about.



The crossbreed’s parents –
Bernedoodle is a hybrid of Bernese mountain dogs and poodles. Let’s discuss the features of each of the parents.

The Bernese mountain dog

● Bred in Swiss alps as farm dogs that pulled carts

● These can easily thrive in cold weather

● Easy going, placid, calm natured, extremely loyal

● Complete dedication to families

● Has a special fondness for children

● Beautiful tricolored coated dogs

● Slow to mature and hard to train

● Requires a lot of patience to train it

The poodle

● German, France origin dog

● A highest ranked intelligent dog

● Most obedient and fast learner

● A royal pet of French kings and queens

● Well disciplined

● Nonshedding coat, helpful for people with allergies

● Best dogs for competitions




● Height :
Bernedoodles comes in 3 sizes or variants, they are –
I) standard – 23 to 29 inches
II) miniature – 18 to 22 inches
III) Tiny – 12 to 17 inches
( Generally, males are larger than females)

● Weight :
According to sizes told above they differ in weights as follows –
I) Standard – 70 to 90 pounds
II) miniature – 25 to 49 pounds
III) Tiny – 10 to 24 pounds
( Generally, males are heavier than females)

● Coat color:
Most typically Bernedoodle comes in tricolor which is a mix of black, white, and rusty color. Besides it also comes in varieties of patterns and colors like –

Tri-color Phantom
Tri-Color Sable
Sable & White
Cream & White
Sable Phantom
Sable and White
Chocolate Phantom
Brindle & White
Black and White
Tri-Color Merle
Chocolate & White
Merle & White
Merle Phantom





This goofy little pup is a fluff ball of all the good traits, you would barely complain about. These are jolly, playful, and most important specialty is being a smart creature.

This furball has all of the characters capable to win your hearts.Now let’s see some general characters before adopting this teddy –

1) Life span
● The lifespan of the average Bernedoodle is about 12 -18 years.

● However, lifespan also depends on many factors such as maintenance and health care, diseases, etc.

● Larger dogs have always been known to live shorter lives than their smaller counterparts. Hence, we can infer that standard dogs live less than tiny ones.
Nonetheless, they prove to be the best companion whole throughout their life.

2) Personality
● A happy go lucky dog – this dog loves happiness and adjusts well in every situation, tends to be less moody.

● Fond of children – children and babies are always his best friends, be it, strangers or family members, he stays jolly around them.

● Socialize well and fast with strangers – most of the dogs tend to go in attacking and alarming mode when meeting new people.

● Others almost consider the stranger intruder and may bite him/her but it is exactly the opposite in the case of Bernedoodle. They become friends with strangers fast.

● Gentle with babies and sensitive to adults – they can well differentiate between babies and adults and behave accordingly.

● Always ready for cuddles just like a teddy bear

● Doesn’t tolerate left alone – Bernedoodle loves to be surrounded by, hence they don’t thrive in loneliness.

3) Health and fitness
● Bernedoodles are generally healthy dogs.

● Being crossbreeds they don’t have the chances of inbreeding depression which may have been in case of pure breeds

● They, however, may have some chances of cancer.

● Bernedoodles may be predisposed to some conditions such as – hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye problems, and skin issues such as allergies and hot spots.

● They tolerate the cold very easily. This trait of bearing cold weather has been inherited from its Bernese mountain dog parent.

4) Care and grooming
● As Bernedoodle is healthy they don’t require much special care as such.

● Bernedoodles don’t shed or shed less, hence it becomes easy to groom.

● The curlier the Bernedoodle’s coat is, the harder it is to groom. They need to be brushed more often to prevent their coat from getting matted.

● Some Bernedoodle owners brush their dog’s coat daily and treat it as a bonding experience, which this breed tends to love.

● Their coat must also be trimmed every few months, depending on how quickly it grows.

● These are teddy bear dogs with hair, not fur as it can be easily confused when it has a heavy coat like that of a Bernese mountain dog.

5) Exercise and training
● These are highly energetic and love to play around.

● When it comes to exercise, merely an hour of exercise would suffice.

● Exercise can include walking, playing around or running in the garden

● To keep this Berne healthy, regular exercise should be practiced.

● When it comes to training, they are renowned for their smartness, hence they are fast learners and can learn multiple things at a time.

● Just like any other dog, they tend to learn bad habits faster therefore it must be taken care of. This smartness has been inherited from its poodle parent.

6) Cost
● The cost may range anywhere from $2500 -$5000 USD.

● However, it depends on various other factors as well, including adoption conditions, country, geographical area, seller, etc.

● Besides, Bernedoodle is highly cost-effective and worthy of each penny after looking at all the boons and compassion it provides.


Do you know?
Having children or pets with you helps you to fight with stresses or mental diseases.

Our body and animal body secretes dopamine when playing or cuddling together, hence we feel loved or cared for and thus help lower stress.

Well looking at all the above facts, it would suffice to mention that if you are finding the best companion for yourself, what would be better than your own sweet, smart and loyal family guy, the Bernedoodle.



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