Top 5 Best Dog Wheelchairs 2020

Is your dog having trouble getting around? Does your canine have weak hind legs or have been through an accident? Or he/she suffers from some condition that may lead to paralysis? Then a dog wheelchair might be just what you need to help your little furry friend.

Despite their condition, such dogs deserve a chance to go for long walks and play like any other canines, a dog wheelchair for back legs increases their ability to get around and lead a happy and active life.

There are many scenarios where a dog needs a wheelchair, some of them are; diseases such as intervertebral disc disease, degenerative myelopathy, arthritis, or losing a limb in an accident or amputation due to some chronic conditions.

There are many dog wheelchairs available online and many factors such as weight, size, number of wheels, adjustability to consider before finding a perfect fit for your dog.

Also, there are many types of dog wheelchairs in different price ranges such as DIY dog wheelchairs or Preassembled dog wheelchair, small dog wheelchair, or large dog wheelchair.

To help you make the right choice, we reviewed the TOP 5 best dog wheelchairs available online in detail. Get your perfect fit for your dog.


1. Best Friend Mobility-Large Dog Wheelchair

With an impressive rating on Amazon and a very affordable price, Best Friend Mobility wheelchair deserves the top spot.

It is a DIY wheelchair as it comes in parts with very detailed instructions on putting it together to fit your dog perfectly.

The chair is highly customizable, it comes with two detachable leg holders and two seats your dog can choose to sit on either one.

Your dog can relieve himself easily while using the chair. Your dog can do his/her business while still being strapped on with perfect ease.

In no time your dog will adjust to the chair and will surely love the experience. Dogs who could not get up were able to run after using this chair. Its aluminum frame makes it very lightweight and highly adjustable.

Its height and length are easily adjustable using the hex wrench. The chair has a deluxe neoprene front and back strap which provides complete comfort and remains durable in any environment.

It’s designed and tested by K9 orthopedic surgeons and recommended by many Dog trainers for large dogs.

The cart is designed to fit many varieties of dogs and is highly recommended by its users too. It has large 14-inch diameter wheels which are suitable for all terrains. It has a padded shoulder harness and padded seat for comfort.

If your dog needs to go up and down the stairs, you can easily lift the back bar and let him use his front legs. 

The rear of the carriage comes with a built-in set of foot slings to keep your dog’s hind feet from dragging if you want your dog’s hind feet on the ground you can choose not to use the slings.

Its all-terrain wheels and waterproof swiss bearings ensure a swift yet steady ride. It can be used for assisted walking or full rear leg support with no rear leg weight-bearing. 

The easy clip-on the function of the front and the rear harness makes it easy to install.

Key Features

• Hip dysplasia.
• Arthritis.
• Rehabilitation.
• Neurological problems like osteomyelitis or degenerative myelopathy.
• Rear limb amputation or deformity.
• Ligament injury.
• Thoracic or Lumbar disk injury.
• Any other type of injury that causes pain or weakness in rear legs.

Best friend mobility is one of the most trusted brands in pet care products and guarantees 100 percent of customer satisfaction.

 Each wheelchair is handcrafted and is designed to account for any type of breed, size, and mobility impairment.

If you need specific modifications to the chair for your dog you can directly inform the manufacturers. 

Their wheelchairs not only look good but also are good for your dog. This chair is the overall best choice in large dog wheelchairs. 


2. Best Friend Mobility Extra Small Dog Wheelchair

It’s only another masterpiece from Best Friend Mobility only for smaller furry babies. With an impressive rating of 4 out of 5 on Amazon, this little chair has very much in common with its predecessor except for the fact that it is for smaller breeds.

It has a lightweight adjustable aluminum frame which is rustproof and stainless steel hardware, it’s an easy to assemble dog wheelchair DIY.

This wheelchair has all the features of the Best Friend Mobility- Large Dog Wheelchair except that it is smaller in size.

The chair has a universal yet customizable design. Beyond that Best Friend Mobility guarantees 100 percent satisfaction or 100 percent refund, so you can be sure your money is spent well.

The creation of the Mobility Wheelchair line is the result of a collaboration between veterinary orthopedic surgeons and industry experts who are pet owners themselves, so no wonder it’s all praises online for their products.

Also, it accommodates pets ranging from 5 lbs to 175 lbs and is highly adjustable so it may just fit any dog and yet be very fine-tuned to your dog’s needs.

The wheels are designed to work on all terrains and come with waterproof steel bearings, so your dog can navigate through grass or sand and go on his adventures.

Male and female dogs can comfortably carry out their business while still being strapped on to the chair.

If your small dog is having issues moving around, this chair has to be on your to-buy list. With a trusted manufacturer, awesome features, and high adjustability this wheelchair has it all one could need.


Key Features

• Cart frame assembly.
• Left and right wheel assemblies.
• Rear leg straps.
• Front leg straps.
• Front harness.
• Hex wrench.


3. Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair

With an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon, Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair is the perfect on the go travel partner for your small friend.

This wheelchair features a unique patented design that allows you to constantly adjust the chair according to your dog’s rapidly changing health and growth.

The wheelchair is adjustable in length, width, and height, so your dogs remain comfortable throughout their life stages.

The chair has a lightweight aluminum frame which helps in swift movement but also keeps your dog steady.

It has dense foam wheels covered with rubber treads that are a perfect fit for any
kind of terrain and do not puncture easily.

The most noticeable features of this chair are that it is easily storable and transportable so you can fit it in your car or van when you travel with your dog or store it easily when not in use.

Also, all wheelchair parts are washable including the foam rubber wheels. Its recommended by most veterinarians and they talk about the positive impact it had on their patients.


Key Features

• Degenerative Myelopathy.
• Hip dysplasia.
• Arthritis.
• Paralysis.
• Slipped disk.
• Spinal and neurological problems.
• Surgical recovery.
• Congenital abnormalities.
• Injury.

It’s increased flexibility makes it fit perfectly, it comes with a full collar and the choice of wheels is excellent.

 Its narrow wheelbase and smaller wheels make it very easy to move around the
house especially on the turnings.

Only two measurements are required before you can choose the perfect size for your dog and it is easy to resell as due to its high adjustability it can be easily adjusted to fit other dogs.

It works best for pets weighing 11-25 pounds, it is available in several colors such as pink, blue, seafoam, or camo.

It generally ships the same day overnight as well as international shipping is also available.

It’s perfect for smaller breeds like Miniature poodle, dachshund, Pekingese, Maltese, Bichon Frise, Jack Russell terrier, King Charles Cavalier spaniel, and almost fits for breeds like pug, french bulldog, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua.

The walkin’ wheelchair provides great customer service and is very easy to assemble with the help of comprehensive instructions that come with it.

The walkin’ wheels wheelchairs are very reputed and different from other chairs, it is often stocked and sold by veterinarians, pet professionals, clinics and rehab centers.

The walkin’ dog wheelchair is perfect for your outgoing small dog and is easy to carry wherever you go.

4. HiHydro 6 types Cart Pet Wheelchair

It is an easy homemade wheelchair as it’s very easy to assemble and use. It’s specifically designed with pet comfort in mind and to avoid friction with pets skin as far as possible.

It’s very easy to transport as it can be taken apart and put together very easily. Its wheels are wear-resistant and do not make any unwanted noise.

Its aluminum alloy frame makes it lightweight, strong, and durable.The strap is designed for extra comfort and is made out of mesh material and is soft and very breathable and the hind leg protector is made out of very soft material to avoid wearing a dog’s leg.

Its height, length, and width are very adjustable and fit almost any small dog and is also perfect for cats. The hind leg protector, as well as hind leg suspension straps, are also adjustable to provide extra comfort.

Its installation process is very swift so your dog is ready to go when you are. Both male and female dogs can comfortably do their business while being strapped on to the chair.

With an impressive rating of 4.1 out of 5, this chair is for all praises on Amazon. You need no tools for assembly just your bare hands are enough, all thanks to its user-friendly design.

The chair looks stylish on almost any dog. Its lightweight design is perfect for smaller dogs and aids in easy movement. Once your pet gets comfortable in the chair then there is no looking back they will be able to do what any other dog
of their age wants to do without any obstacles.

Its perfect thickness and sturdiness result in it having perfect functionality for a longer period. Its puncture proof wheels are designed to work on all terrains, the dog doesn’t have to put an extra effort to walk anywhere.

Just lying around and not being able to do anything can make a dog feel lonely and depressed getting them this chair can make them healthy and active once again. Various customer reviews mention dogs outrunning their owners using this chair.

Key Features

  • This wheelchair is available in various sizes so you have a lot of choices and you are guaranteed
    to find the best one for your dog.
  • Its affordable price, good reviews, and user-friendly design makes it the overall best choice for
    first-time users.
  • Also, it comes with a wrench tool for easy adjustments.
  • And one of the most important factors to consider – cuteness:
    the chair just nails that!
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